Bicycling Art Basel Miami Beach? A Brief Guide

A full supply of DecoBikes, just feet from Art Basel Miami Beach 2011. (Andrew Russeth)

Walking out of our hotel earlier this week, Gallerist was thrilled to discover a bicycle rental station on our walk to Art Basel Miami Beach. As Observer writer Matt Chaban reported earlier this year, a similar program, run by Alta Bike Share of Portland, Ore., is on its way to New York next summer. We cannot wait.

During this busy week in Miami Beach, the DecoBike-brand bicycles may be the easiest way to get between Art Basel and other fairs, costing only $4 for a 30-minute ride. (An hour is only a buck more, and a one-day pass is $24, which is still a lot less than multiple taxi rides over the course of a day.)

Yesterday, during the VIP opening of Art Basel, quite a few bikes were available at the stations that surround the Miami Beach Convention Center, which houses the fair. (One quick note: stations are only available within Miami Beach, so those journeying out to Miami proper—for Seven, the Rubell Collection and other events—may want to procure a lock. If you are heading to NADA, though, you should be all set.)

Here is a quick rundown of the Google Maps estimates for bike rides between Art Basel Miami Beach and other fairs and venues, which are now all officially open to the general public, as of 2 p.m. today:

NADA: 27 minutes (4.5 miles)
Pulse: 24 minutes (4.0 miles)
Seven: 28 mins (4.8 miles)
Scope: 27 minutes (4.9 miles)
Margulies Collection: 32 minutes (5.6 miles)
de la Cruz Collection: 31 minutes (5.6 miles)
Rubell Family Collection: 29 minutes (5.1 miles)
Verge: walking distance
Bass Museum of Art: walking distance

Bicycling Art Basel Miami Beach? A Brief Guide