Big Support for Living Wage, New Poll Finds–UPDATE

A new poll out today by Quinnipiac University finds overwhelming support for a living wage in New York City.

By a 74-19 margin, voters say that the living wage proposal currently before the New York City Council is a “good idea,” voters say 74 – 19 percent.   Support is 56 – 39 percent among Republicans, 83 – 11 percent among Democrats and 67 – 25 percent among independent voters.

According to today’s Daily News, a new version of the bill  is on Christine Quinn’s desk. This new version would ensure that developers who get hefty city subsidies pay their workers at least $11.50 an hour but exempts companies with existing development deals if their agreement is renewed and would make retailers–and not just landlords–subject to its provisions.

According to the poll, voters say 81 – 17 percent, including 60 – 39 percent among Republicans, that it is the government’s responsibility to make sure workers are paid a decent wage.

New York City voters reject 56 – 36 percent the argument that a “Living Wage” bill would drive jobs out of the city.   Women reject the argument 62 – 30 percent while men reject it by a narrower 49 – 44 percent.

“True to its image as a liberal town, New York gives big support to the City Council plan to require a “Living Wage” by companies that do business with the city.   Does the government have an obligation to mandate a living wage?  Overwhelmingly, voters say yes,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac Polling Institute.


Putting New Yorkers to work, an anti-living wage group, responds:

If this legislation was accurately named the “Less Jobs for New Yorkers Act” the poll results would be the complete opposite.  The bottom line is this wage mandate would hurt the communities most in need of jobs and economic opportunities.  That’s why the more City Council Members learn about this bill, the less they support it.




  Big Support for Living Wage, New Poll Finds–UPDATE