Bikes Make Woody Allen Bananas

He'd rather fly than bike.

Bicycles have won some powerful enemies in the city as they have grown more popular. For every David Bryne there is a Chuck Schumer. But perhaps the city might need to rethink its cycling policy now that Mr. Manhattan himself has come out against them.

In an interview with, none other than Woody Allen says that the profusion of bikes is what annoys him more than anything else in the city these days.

MADUKA: You have given many people their image of Manhattan, and have, in the past, been one of its greatest cultural champions. But, of course, you’ve gone international in recent years. How has your feeling towards this city changed or matured? Does it continue to inspire you and your work? How has the city itself changed over the course of your career?

ALLEN: New York has changed for the better in some obvious ways, like the dropping of the crime rate and people don’t squeegee my windshield when I come to a stoplight. On the other hand, uncontrolled bike riders are a great hazard, and the wonderful idea of more and more people having bikes in New York will turn sour as people become alienated because so much of it is out of control. That will be a pity.

The Observer can’t help but wonder: Is Bicycle Thieves still one of Mr. Allen’s top-three favorite movies?

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