Bloomberg Takes Tribeca

Robert DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal and Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The New York Observer’s party reporter, Elise Knutsen, was out covering a film premiere last night when she happened upon a certain political figure. She filed this report:

Last night, the after party for the movie “New Year’s Eve” was all abuzz. Flashbulbs and a mysterious gravitational pull toward the center of the room bespoke the entrance of someone important. Zac Efron? No, he was already inside. Jessica Biel? No, she off in the corner somewhere plotting a “7th Heaven” reunion.

We saw her before we saw him. Diana Taylor, that is, towering elegantly over her mayoral date. The two had stopped in as a show of support for the Tribeca Film Institute, and of course to celebrate Mayor Bloomberg’s cameo in the upcoming holiday flick.

The pair greeted pals Grace Hightower and Robert DeNiro with congenial kisses and posed for photos. Somehow we managed to shimmy ourselves between Mayor Bloomberg’s security detail and the photographers, and were able to speak with him after his photo op.

As a deft politician, he began interviewing us. Where were we from? Where in the city did we live? Where did we go to school. When we told him we had attended Princeton, where a dormitory bears his name, the mayor was delighted and began to tell us about his eldest daughter’s experiences at the same university.

“My oldest did not like it the for three weeks,” he told The Observer. “I said, ‘Why?’ She said, ‘Daddy, all they do is drink!’ I said, “Emma, you’ve never turned down a drink or anything else as far as I know in your life!’ and she said, ‘Daddy, I did this in the tenth grade.’

“City kids are much more sophisticated,” the mayor concluded, gladly taking a glass of his own from a member of his security detail and passing a second to Ms. Taylor.

What was Ms. Bloomberg’s major, we asked.

“Maybe boys,” he said with a laugh before gushing about her well documented academic achievements. “She is a straight A student.”

Clearly not one to pick favorites, he began discussing his other daughter, Georgina who “is a straight C student, like I was, and just as good a kid.”  The younger Ms. Bloomberg had opted for NYU which was, in his estimation, “the right school for her.”

Feeling slightly uncomfortable discussing his daughters GPAs, we changed course. How did he like Tribeca since Mr. De Niro had given it his midas touch?

Mayor Bloomberg encouraged us to check out the Tribeca Grill. “You should go there! It’s noisy, it’s crowded, it’s in your face, the food’s good,” he said.

And the hotel,” the Mayor added, referring to the swanky Greenwich which Mr. De Niro also owns. “I’ve never stayed in a hotel room in New York in my life, but people say the hotel is good.”

Mr. Bloomberg concluded by wishing the best for us and our publication. “I hope they survive because it’s a tough business,” he said. “But if they don’t you can call Bloomberg.”

Thanks Mr. Mayor! Bloomberg Takes Tribeca