Brooklyn Shake Shack Opening Tomorrow—But Will It Really Transform Downtown?

Shack stacks! (Gothamist)

Talk about burying the lede under some extra toppings.

In a story about 11 new eateries opening in Downtown Brooklyn, the Post let slip that the eagerly awaited Shake Shack will finally be opening its doors on the Fulton mall tomorrow.

The restaurant will be the seventh New York City location for the high-end burger-and-fries joint from celebrity chef Danny Meyer, famed for its Chicago-style hot dogs and frosty “concrete” shakes.

“It’s an enormous honor for the Shake Shack team to become employers and citizens of this vibrant community,” Meyer told the Post.

A Union Square Hospitality spokesperson confirmed to The Observer that the restaurant will be opening tomorrow, bright and early at 11 o’clock, just in time for the lunch-time rush.

If it seems like the gentrification of the Fulton Mall is finally here, as the arrival of Shake Shack portended, not so fast. The Observer has been suspicious of such pomp in the past, and a run down of the other establishments soon to open seems to confirm our down-market beliefs. Sure, there is a French place with haute cocktails opening in the MetroTech complex, and a new hotel on Duffield Street will house “The Marrow, a new German/Italian restaurant by chef Harold Dieterle of “Top Chef” fame.”

With Cesar Ramirez’s Michelin-adorned-and-adored spot a few blocks away, this seems like a burgeoning buffet hot-spot. But consider the other eateries about to open:

  • Wingstop
  • Bergen Bagels
  • Panera Bread
  • Five Guys
  • Sugar and Plumm (it’s a candy store)
  • American BBQ and Beer Company (the work of some Vegas restauranteur)

Not exactly Smith Street, is it?

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