Business Council Backs Cuomo Tax Plan

Earlier we posted on how the pro-business group New Yorkers for Growth urged lawmakers to hold open hearings before voting for any tax increases.

Well now another group, the Business Council of New York State, has weighed in, and they are giving the deal a thumbs-up.

“The Business Council commends Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Skelos and Speaker Silver for coming to a bipartisan agreement that will encourage job creation and economic development, reduce the tax burden on middle-income New Yorkers and small businesses, and assist those communities devastated by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee,” said Heather Briccetti, CEO of the group. ” Additionally, the proposal to reduce the tax rate for corporate manufacturers will help an industry that has experienced a steep decline in employment.”

Gov. Cuomo has been remarkably careful not to anger New York’s business community in his first year in office, and the fact that they have endorsed this proposal is, we can only guess, a testament to some serious outreach from the administration to business leaders.

Still, we won’t know really how successful that effort was until we hear from The New York Post editorial board in the morning.

Adds Briccetti:

The three leaders have proven, once again, that they are focused on restoring our state’s fiscal health. Restructuring the current income tax brackets and reducing the MTA payroll tax will help ease the financial burden on hardworking taxpayers and business-owners, which is vital to growing New York’s economy.

We will continue to work with the Governor, Senate and Assembly, as well as other pro-business organizations, to encourage investment, create jobs and lower the cost of living in New York State.”


Business Council Backs Cuomo Tax Plan