Christie-Codey feud driven to the limit

In the middle of the backroom demolition derby between Gov. Chris Christie and former Gov. (and state Sen.) Richard Codey (D-27), the sitting governor not only snatched away the former governor’s car keys, but also his driver and car, according to sources.

Neither Codey nor Christie would comment, but political insiders used to seeing Codey pull up to events in a chauffeur-driven state automobile might find themselves doing double takes in the future when “the guv” arrives behind his own steering wheel.

Sources say the state police green-lighted deflating the wheels of the Codey car.

Infuriated Christie allies said Codey used the car more than other former governors. To hear them tell it, the driver slept in the foyer in Roseland with his cap over his eyes. Codey sources claim the former governor called to request the car only for official business – and strictly according to the state police’s “risk assessment” guidelines.

The truth is somewhere between those two extremes, according to sources familiar with the car.

One Republican source told that Christie made the decision to strand Codey within the framework of the state police needing to allocate more resources to Camden.

But others described a gathering dislike between the two men that boiled over when Codey refused to warmly back some of Christie’s nominees, and was less than enthusiastic about supporting Paula Dow for a superior court judgeship.

“Obstructionist,” was how one Christie partisan described Codey.

Codey’s allies say Christie has been disrespectful to the older, former governor, repeatedly badmouthing the state’s “former governors,” even in a room once recently where Codey was present. Christie-Codey feud driven to the limit