Christie knocks Codey over car perk

Gov. Chris Christie was prodded today during a news confernece for response to his removal of car service perks from former Gov. Richard Codey. 

Christie didn’t answer directly whether the move was retaliation against Codey, but instead took a shot at the former governor.

Like many legislators, Christie said, Codey is a politician “much more worried about the perks of the job,” Christie said, “than getting the job done.”

He jokingly told the reporter that his answer was not as an anonymous source, and called the Newark Star-Ledger “the Dick Codey newsletter” for running what the governor complained was lenient coverage after the paper ran a story detialing the governor’s removal of Codey’s security detail as well as the firing of a former Codey staffer from the Division of Consumer Affairs.

Christie slammed Codey for “moaning and complaining” about the removal of the security detail, calling it “par for the course.”

  Christie knocks Codey over car perk