Codecademy Launches Labs To Help Students Explore Their New Skills

Codecademy broke onto the scene with some impressive growth and a $2.5 million round of funding from an all star cast that included Union Square Ventures and SV Angel. Now they are rolling out their first big product, Codecademy Labs, which lets users program in Ruby, Python and Javascript without having to download a desktop based editor, better known as an integrated development environment (IDE), which can require a whole lesson in itself.

The new product is based on work done by Codecademy’s first new hire, Amjad Masad, a Jordanian who’s open source work was already powering a big part of Codecademy. The aim is to get people writing and sharing programs without the hurdles of downloading software and learning to work in an IDE.

Like their initial offering, everything begins on the web. Once users create programs, they can share them with friends via Facebook and Twitter. But since Labs runs entirely on the client side, meaning you can use it when your computer is disconnected from the internet. Users can run their programs in Labs, or download them as executable files to run somewhere else.

As founder Zach Sims points out they have addede Ruby and Python in Codecademy Labs, even though they don’t have any courses for those topics yet. “Know that it’s just as big of a priority for us as it is for you, and stay tuned for some news on that front soon.” Codecademy Launches Labs To Help Students Explore Their New Skills