Codey to Christie: ‘This is not a GOP prez debate’

In a statement insiders quickly pounced on as evidence of turf pawing ahead of the 2013 gubernatorial election, state Sen. Richard J. Codey, (D-27), Roseland, retaliated against Gov. Chris Christie.

“I was rather amazed to hear Governor Christie say earlier today that I was holding up the nomination of Mr. Cerf, considering I signed off on it on January 14th of this year,” Codey said in a statement. “Normally one might expect some kind of apology when someone states something about them publicly that is factually inaccurate. But with Governor Christie’s track record, I won’t be sitting near the phone holding my breath.

“The governor has a responsibility to not simply blurt out things he presumes to be facts.  This is not a Republican presidential debate. He should be more careful in the future…and by more careful, I mean get it right the first time.”

Christie earlier today called out state Sen. Ronald L. Rice,, (D-28), Newark, and Codey – a prospective gubernatorial challenger to Christie – for impeding the nominating process of Acting Education Commissioner Chris Cerf.

According to reporter Timothy J. Carroll, Codey said Wednesday that he was not holding up the process, but sources said the senator was waiting for Attorney General Paula Dow’s nomination to enact a block to secure an ally’s appointment to the Board of Public Utilities.

Codey to Christie: ‘This is not a GOP prez debate’