Copy of the Contract That Founded Apple Up for Auction at Sotheby’s

Mr. Wayne, via Wikimedia

There are only three copies of the contract that founded Apple back in 1976–one for each of the signers: Steve Jobs, Woz, and Apple’s long, lost co-founder Ronald Wayne. Soon, Sotheby’s will be auctioning off Mr. Wayne’s copy and the puntastic New York Post is nearly beside itself with the word play potential:

“It’s the seed that spawned Apple — and Silicon Valley’s digerati are lusting for it like a hungry Adam,” begins the story. Wait, did we miss that part in the Bible? Wasn’t Eve the one that took a bite?

According to the Post, Sotheby’s originally thought bids might go as high as $150,000. But the auction house vastly underestimated fanboys spending potential for anything with an Apple logo. Insiders now estimate the document could sell for up to $1 million “due to ego-bidding expected among tech rivals.” Maybe Yuri needs something for his new foyer?

Mr. Wayne, whom Steve Jobs referred to as Apple’s “adult-in-chief” infamously dumped his 10 percent stake, which would now be valued at $2 billion, that same year for $2,300. The other two copies of the contact haven’t changed hands, but Mr. Wayne sold his to an undisclosed collector, who is now auctioning it off at Sotheby’s for a minimum bid of $100,000. We hope for Mr. Wayne’s sake that he got a better price on the physical contract that he did for the equity. Copy of the Contract That Founded Apple Up for Auction at Sotheby’s