Could Non-Partisan Redistricting Create A New Challenger For Grimm?

A reader pointed out that the new nonpartisan reapportionment maps released by Common Cause this week have one interesting side effect: Staten Island Assemblyman Michael Cusick finds himself in the same district as fellow Democratic Assemblyman Matthew Titone.

While there is no indication that the final maps will look anything like the  Common Cause maps, there are some reasons to believe that the final map may not look so different: For one thing, it is getting late for the nonpartisan commission charged with making such maps (to the legislators liking) to compete their work. If they fail to, the process goes before a judge, and since the primary could be as soon as six months away, a judge will likely need some kind of guidepost, and the Common Cause maps, based as they are on keeping  communities of interest together.

And if that were to happen, and Mr. Cusick were to being squeezed into Mr.Titone’s district, he will likely have two options–either primary Mr. Titone, would be tough, since most of the new district overlaps with Mr. Titone’s, or run against Michael Grimm, the freshman GOP Congressman who has so far not received a serious Democratic challenger.

Mr. Cusick considered running for the seat in 2008, after Republican Vito Fossella stepped down in disgrace. Instead, then City Councilman Mike McMahon ran, and won, only to lose to Mr. Grimm in 2010.

Mr. McMahon remains the Democrats best hope of regaining the seat, but he has indicated that he will not decide to run until the final district lines are drawn.

Mr. Cusick would be a formidable candidate. A former Chuck Schumer disciple, he is a popular figure on the district

  Could Non-Partisan Redistricting Create A New Challenger For Grimm?