Courtney Love Could Be Homeless After Messy Renovations

Courtney Love,

Poor Courtney Love. After spending forever looking for a new place in the city, she finally found her dream home at 250 West 10th Street—with a little help from her friends at Curbed. But now Ms. Love’s landlords are threatening to evict her, after she has turned the townhouse into a regular hellhole.

According to attorneys for the landlord, Ms. Love extensively redecorated the place without the owner’s consent, something expressly forbidden in the lease agreement. We’re thinking red-lipstick stains on the white walls. According to a suit, which will be heard next week, Ms Love “has wallpapered and repainted significant portions of the interior.”

Not to mention that little fire in the upstairs bedroom. Fire crews were called in June when the bed linens and curtains went up in flames. Courtney, how many times have we told you, no more smoking in bed!

The landlord claims it will cost $100,000 to restore the 1827 townhouse to its former glory, which was created by noted architect Steven Gambrel.

Then there’s also the teensy little problem of $54,000 in back rent. That may sound like a lot, but the case also reveals that Ms. Love is paying $324,000 a year in rent, or $27,000 a month. Perhaps those Nirvana royalties aren’t paying like they used to? The landlord has begun a non-payment proceeding at the New York City Civil Court seeing Ms. Love’s eviction.

Well on the upside, she’ll fit right in on the street with her signature crazy-eyes, matted-hair and unintelligible babbling. Courtney Love Could Be Homeless After Messy Renovations