Details of the GOP’s final map submission

The final congressional maps have been submitted and the congressional redistricting process now comes down to 13th member John Farmer Jr.

A source with knowledge of the final submissions from each team says each side is vying for a combined district that would include portions of the current 5th and 9th districts.

But the two sides vary greatly on the makeup of the district as Democrats are looking for roughly an evenly distributed district while Republicans have drawn one that would give the GOP an advantage come November. 

According to a source, the Republican map combines the 5th, 8th and 9th Districts into two districts and would pit U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett and U.S. Steve Rothman in one district that gives Garrett a four point advantage, based on past election performance.

The combined district would maintain portions of Bergen County, but a bulk of the Bergen County portion of District 9 would move to District 8, represented by U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell.

The GOP map creates a much safer Republican district out of District 7 and would maintain District 4 as a safe Republican district though it would drastically realign that district to pick up portions of Monmouth County.  A source said the 4th District realignment was necessary in order to allow the southern district to pick up population by moving north.

The final Republican submission would maintain roughly the current makeup of District 2 and would create a marginally more Republican district in the 3rd, represented by freshman U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan.

The reshuffling of the Bergen County enclaves to District 8 has given rise to speculation over the Rothman’s future should Farmer choose the Republican map.

If the combined district favors Garrett, some sources speculate Rothman might choose instead to challenge Pascrell in a primary, where his Bergen County connections would help him.

Farmer is expected to make a decision between the two submissions later this evening with a final vote by the commission to come at 10 a.m. Details of the GOP’s final map submission