DiVincenzo’s car rammed in Cedar Grove

Against the backdrop of Gov. Chris Christie taking away and chucking former Gov. Dick Codey’s car keys, Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo today drew his own nightmare car headline.  

But this one involved real metal denting, not just injured political animal egos.  

The Cedar Grove Police Department responded at 7:30 last night to a call from the Essex County Sheriff’s Office for help in subduing an allegedly unruly driver.  

Law enforcement officers say the man in question – and apropos of nothing – rammed his car into the car of the Essex County executive.  

The police responded to assist in placing the man under arrest, whose name neither the Police Department nor the Sheriff’s Office would provide. 

DiVincenzo Chief of staff Phil Alagia said the ferried DiVincenzo simply happened to be at the “wrong place at the wrong time” and insisted there was no political context to the incident.

The county executive was uninjured. DiVincenzo’s car rammed in Cedar Grove