EPA to fund nearly $900,000 cleaner-engine project on ferry boats

TRENTON –  The Environmental Protection Agency said it will provide nearly $900,000 to reduce air pollution by replacing engines on ferry boats that operate between New Jersey and New York.

EPA said it will provide the N.J. Clean Cities Coalition with $896,838 to improve eight excursion boats with engines that use cleaner technology.

“Reducing air pollution from diesel engines helps decrease asthma attacks, respiratory problems, lost work days due to illness and premature death,” said Judith A. Enck, EPA Regional Administrator, in a release.

“EPA’s support of clean diesel programs is eliminating tons of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides and is providing enormous health benefits.”

Nationwide, diesel engines emit 7.3 million tons of smog-forming nitrogen oxides and 333,000 tons of fine particles annually, EPA stated. While EPA’s standards significantly reduce emissions from newly manufactured engines, the clean diesel projects funded through these grants address older diesel engines that are still in use and continue to emit higher levels of harmful pollution, EPA said.

EPA to fund nearly $900,000 cleaner-engine project on ferry boats