Q&A with the Founder of Our New Favorite Music Site: Everyone’s Mixtape

Betabeat had a late night at the office last night and the only thing that got us through it was a nifty little website we happened to catch via Hearst Ventures associate Libby Brittain. (Good looks, Libby!) Everyone’s Mixtape, which lets users create, share and listen to mixtapes, lured us in with its clean design and lightweight feel. It’s incredibly easy to start using. We didn’t realize you could create your own until we’d office-chair-danced our way through some of the staples on the homepage like Late Night, Summer BBQ, and the intriguingly-named Burning.

There are other ways to make a social playlist of course, some from burgeoning behemoths like Spotify, but none that we’ve found give you the same  mixtape nostalgia and come pre-loaded with great songs.

Over gChat, we caught up with the site’s creator, a Brooklyn-based developer named Richard Mai, who hails from the startup world’s secret wellspring: the tech divisions of the finance sector.

Where did you get idea from?

Everyonesmixtape is just a pet project of mine. I still have my full time job. The idea … I love music and used to love giving and getting mixtapes. Just like everyone else. But I wanted to make it as close to a mixtape as possible, not just a playlist.

What’s your day job?

A developer at a financial company.

Ouhhhh! Goldman?

Not Goldman.

So how long did it take you to build the site?

A couple of months. Code after work. Stay up until 3am. Go to work the next day. It’s a passion–music and coding.

Did you use actual mixtapes growing up? Or is this like a nostalgia play?

Yeah, I made mixtapes all the time. And because I did, it’s a nostalgia thing too. I made them all. Recorded off the radio, then other cassettes, then CDs.

Aww, recorded off the radio, I remember that!

Gotta stop it before the next song came on, or the DJ talked.

Did you by chance see Young Adult? The whole opening credits was an homage to the mixtape.

Oh really. No I didn’t. Any good?

Indulgent, but I dug it. So where all can you pull songs from, besides YouTube?

Soundcloud and Vimeo. I used to allow people to upload their own, but didn’t want to get into that business. This was when I first started coding it.

What about a Spotify integration?

There is so much to do. Spotify, more features, mobile versions. Lots of late nights coming up. I actually finished coding this a month ago, but never sent it out till yesterday. It was nice to go to sleep early for that time =)

Do you see this being a full time endeavor?

I would love for this to be a full time. I’m gonna work toward that.

Who made the mixtapes on the homepage? Because they are goooood.

Me and a few of my friends (aka my QA team). Now its everyone’s and a bunch of songs have been deleted from them and added

Anyway of monetizing it?

I hate ads. Who doesn’t, but it’s a necessary evil. Ideally, I would like sponsored mixes, like Brooklyn Lager’s Summer BBQ mix. I think it’s good way for a company to be associated with something cool and new media. Also it doesn’t interrupt the user experience. Nothing worse then 5 songs into a Heartbreak mix, and you get an ad from Gillette Razors.


Q&A with the Founder of Our New Favorite Music Site: Everyone’s Mixtape