Expert stops short of definitive finding in Sacco tapes case

The attorney representing the former North Bergen recreation department employee who last week filed a sexual harassment complaint against state Sen. Nick Sacco (D-32) today said an expert authenticated the audio tapes on which the mayor is heard denigrating his client.

Attorney Mario Blanch said he received a letter from Professional Audio Laboratories of Park Ridge, Inc. President Paul Ginsberg.

“After some experimentation to optimize intelligibility, I produced an enhanced copy, and proceeded to do a preliminary examination,” said Ginsberg, referring to a copy of the tapes he received from the Star-Ledger.

“My conclusion was that the recordings were authentic, but with the caveat that in order to make a definitive finding I would need to examine the original recording or have access to the voicemails.”

In response, Sacco spokesman Paul Swibinski said, “Lydia Coleman now has the same attorney and the same public relations firm that represented the political candidates who ran against Mayor Sacco’s team and received a whopping 13% of the vote earlier this year. 

“I guess this is what Coleman’s lawyer means when he says people in North Bergen are ‘fed up’ with Nick Sacco’s leadership,” he added. “These delusional people will say or do anything for a dollar. They apparently convinced Coleman that it is a smart move to come forward with these scurrilous accusations eight years and ten months after they allegedly happened. Lydia Coleman’s performance is just another chapter in their desperate campaign to smear the mayor and seize power. Good luck with that.”   Expert stops short of definitive finding in Sacco tapes case