Facing Times Lawsuit, Huffington Post Relinquishes ‘Parentlode’

The Huffington Post has given up the name of its parenting blog, “Parentlode,” columnist Lisa Belkin announced yesterday.

The New York Times thought the name was too similar to that of its own parenting blog, “Motherlode,” which was written by Ms. Belkin until she moved to The Huffington Post two months ago.

When she began blogging under the banner at The Huffington Post, lawyers for her former employer sent Ms. Belkin a cease and desist, followed by a proper lawsuit. Ms. Belkin likened the lawsuit to a couple of children fighting over a toy in a sandbox.

“Things can get petty and prickly in the sandbox,” she wrote, “Sometimes there’s that kid who throws the sand around, and won’t share toys, and picks fights instead of playing nicely.”

In the post, Ms. Belkin wrote that although the lawsuit would be interesting, “it would also involve spending an indefensible amount of money, and enriching the lawyers…at the expense of better content.”

Instead, the site is holding a renaming contest for readers.

The winner gets an all expenses paid trip to New York to meet the Parentlode team (including Arianna Huffington) and–“to show there are no hard feelings”–a one-year digital subscription to The New York Times.

We humbly submit–in the style of The Huffington Post’s Baby Boomer vertical, Huff/Post-50,–Huff/Post-Partum.

Facing Times Lawsuit, Huffington Post Relinquishes ‘Parentlode’