Gov. on toll hike: This is what pays for big projects

TEANECK – Furor arose last week after court documents showed the Port Authority was not using their significant toll increases for capital projects, but Gov. Chris Christie said today to disconnect was merely legalese.

“The George Washington Bridge, the Bayonne Bridge,” he said. “The way that gets done, in the main, is through toll revenues.”

That list includes the rebuilding of the World Trade Center as well, which was made out in recent news reports to have been the shield used by the Port Authority brass to deflect scrutiny over the toll hikes. The supposition was based on Port Authority court documents that excluded the over-budget project, to which citizens have an emotional attachment, from their bases for the toll hike. The toll would fund the transportation project fund, but a Christie spokesperson said the money all comes from the same pot.

Christie noted today that the World Trade Center project is actually running $2 billion more over-budget than former Executive Director Chris Ward let on.

“I’m as concerned as anybody about it,” Christie said, which is why he and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered an outside audit to be conducted.

“There was awful mismanagement at the Port Authority,” Christie said today, “and Chris Ward was an awful manager…I inherited it and now I’m fixing it.” Gov. on toll hike: This is what pays for big projects