Grimm Goes To The Great White Way; Dems Pounce

Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm is gearing up for 2012 with a series of fundraisers at various Broadway shows this weekend, including a $1,500 a head performance of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and a similarly priced performance of Anything Goes.

Perhaps he should have gone with something a little less provocatively titled, like say The Book of Mormon.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign has pounced on the fundraisers, tweaking Mr. Grimm for heading to shows that will remind supporters of some of his own failures in business and the hits he has taken from Washington ethics groups.

In a press release in three acts, titled “Mismanagement,” “Denials” and the denouement “Taking Credit,”  and tied to How to Succeed in Business, the DCCC slams Mr. Grimm for operating a trucking company which had 11 safety violations in two months, violations of which he said he was unaware; for operating a health food restaurant that went under (which the Congressman blamed on the construction of the Second Avenue Subway.

In another release tied to Anything Goes, the DCCC hits Mr. Grimm on what they say is his permissive attitude towards ethics, including his business association with Carlos Luquis, a convicted felon and his legislative efforts to hamper whistleblower protections.

The releases come with mock posters, which are attached below, along with real information for Mr. Grimm’s soiree.

Grimm Invite

Grimm – Anything Goes

Grimm – How to Succeed in Business Grimm Goes To The Great White Way; Dems Pounce