Gwyneth Paltrow Gets GOOP All Over New York City With New Mobile App

Time to get GOOP

Just yesterday Betabeat was writing about how New York is becoming a hotbed for location based apps and then, blam, this cool sector intersects with one of our least favorite tech trends: the celebrity app. According to GigaOm, Gwyneth Paltrow will be bringing her lifestyle brand to smartphones with a new mobile app, GOOP City, which is kind of like foursquare for bougie macrobiotic perfectionists or something. As Ms. Paltrow put it:

“I have always dreamed of finding a city guide that would be just right for me, like a trusted friend whose opinion you knew you could count on. After years of being steered in the wrong direction by bribed concierges, biased opinions and just plain bad suggestions, I decided to create what I had been missing: The goop City Guide! We begin with New York City and you can expect many more over the coming months. This app will be your resource for the tried and tested of the best and coolest of Manhattan (and Brooklyn, and a bit of Queens, the Bronx and New Jersey).”

The app retails for $3.99 and includes, “the most fantastic food cart for a quick snack, the best boutique to find a unique piece for your wardrobe, a beautiful salon where you can get your makeup done, the coolest playground to take your kids to, and the person to call for an at-home blow dry.”

What about where to find the right fainting coach for when you accidentally schedule your Tracy Anderson bandersize workout on the same day as your organic raw juice fast?

How about this? You prove that Gwyneth Platrow has ever set foot in New Jersey and we’ll cough up $3.99.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets GOOP All Over New York City With New Mobile App