Hacker-Organizer Brandon Diamond Wins NYTM Board Seat with 126 Votes in Low-Turnout Election

Mr. Diamond.

The results are in: Brandon Diamond, two-year volunteer veteran of the New York Tech Meetup, has won the election for one of the four community seats on the nonprofit’s board with 126 of the 502 votes cast. Mr. Diamond’s initial victory tweet: “Oh my god.”

Mr. Diamond ran last year and lost to designer, consultant and proto-blogger Anil Dash and NYU professor and HackNY coordinator Evan Korth, who took the first two of the four seats in the inaugural election. This year, his platform focused on recruiting more engineers to New York and the Meetup. The runners up were freelance designer Whitney Hess, with 62 votes, and venture capitalist and power-blogger Charlie O’Donnell, with 61 votes. Next was Dave Tisch, managing director of TechStars NY, with 52 votes. “Congrats goes to @brandondiamond for winning the @NYTMelection. He has worked tirelessly as a co-organizer & surely will as a board member!” Ms. Hess tweeted. We’ve reached out to Mr. Diamond for a comment and will update. This year’s election had a surprisingly low turnout considering the NYTM’s 19,617 members (at the moment) and the extensive social graphs of many of the candidates. Not all NYTM members were allowed to vote; just those who had RSVP’ed for meetups. Last year, 590 members voted for a turnout of about six percent. This year, turnout was about 2.559 percent, despite extensive coverage by Betabeat. UPDATE: “There were 13,626 people eligible to vote,” managing director Jessica Lawrence said in an email. “We promoted via our newsletter, the Meetup itself, Twitter, our website, and the Meet the Candidates event and then candidates did their own promotion as well.” This means participation was more like 3.68 percent—still low considering it took just a few clicks to vote.

The votes still need to beverified by NYTM chair Andrew Rasiej. “Although the voting system is built to only allow qualified NYTM members to vote, based on our policies, we are required to have an official inspection of the election results by someone authorized by the Board,” Ms. Lawrence said. “Once he reviews the results and signs off on the official election report, the results are considered validated.”

NYTM’s next event will be Wednesday, January 4.

The full results:

Brandon Diamond, 126 votes
Whitney Hess, 62 votes
Charlie O’Donnell, 61 votes
David Tisch, 52 votes
Eric Friedman, 27 votes
Jonathan Askin, 26 votes
Murat Aktihanoglu, 24 votes
Jalak Jobanputra, 23 votes
Matthew Knell, 20 votes
Ben Kessler, 15 votes
June Cohen, 14 votes
Luke Haseloff, 8 votes
Jack Welde, 5 votes
Gregory Schnese, 3 votes
Dan Healy, 1 votes
Evan Schreiber, 1 votes
Michael Liebow, 1 votes
Jesse Landry, 1 votes
Courtney Bolton, 0 votes
Wei Zhao, 0 votes Hacker-Organizer Brandon Diamond Wins NYTM Board Seat with 126 Votes in Low-Turnout Election