Help! Rybolovlev Buys $8.35M 15 CPW Apartment for Daughter’s Security Detail

They're in the little big house. (RAMSA)

Update: A spokesman for Dmitry Rybolovlev denies any connection to the purchase of this condo, though sources still insist it is. See Mr. Rybolovlev’s full statement below.

Merry Christmas Ekaterina Rybolovleva! Daddy loves you so much, he not only bought you a penthouse at 15 Central Park West that has become the most expensive home in New York history but also what is probably the most expensive servants quarters ever.

Astute observers of 15 Central Park West may have noticed that another apartment, 3F, went into contract last week. But at a mere $8.35 million, few took note of this latest development in light of the recent record busting $88 million sale upstairs. It was even overshadowed by a $24 million deal that was overshadowed by the penthouse.

It turns out, however, the penthouse and this lowly two bedroom have more in common than meets the eye: both were purchased by Dmitry Rybolovlev and both are for the benefit of his beloved daughter.

This brings Mr. Rybolovlev’s total expenditures in the building to a head-spinning $96 million.

Sources have told The Observer that not only did Mr. Rybolovlev buy the $88 million penthouse for his 22-year-old equestrian-enthusiast daughter, but he also purchased unit 3F, which will house her private security detail. We’re waiting to hear if the ex-KGB agents will have to share their new living quarters with Ms. Rybolovleva’s prized ponies, but at this point it would hardly surprise us.

In any case, the muscle won’t have it all bad. According to the listing from 15 CPW power broker Kyle Blackmon, the condo is situated in the back corner of “the house,” the lower building at 15 CPW, which affords the apartment North, South and West exposures. There is a washer/dryer, a corner living room and a marble powder room. The five-fixture master bath includes a soaking tub, perfect for relaxing after a long day of babysitting russian heiresses.

According to city records, the seller is Corbett Price, a healthcare executive who sits on the board of his alma mater, the Ohio State University. Mr. Price paid $4.99 million for his home back in January 2008, making him yet the latest seller in the building to double their money in only a few years.

If this home truly is for the help, it would be far and away the most ever spent on non-primary residents. The record was previously held by 15 CPW’s crosstown rival the Plaza, where the superintendent was given a $3 million apartment.

The Observer has also heard that Ms. Rybolovleva will be staying at 15 Central Park West full time, contrary to earlier reports. But we’ve found a fatal flaw in Mr. Rybolovlev’s plan: with his daughter left to her own devices between floors 3 and 41, she’ll be at the mercy of all 15CPW’s new money-grubbing residents dying to get a peek inside her new pad. Beware the neighbors, Ms. Rybolovleva! Especially the bankers, they’ll be dying to get their hands on your robust Russian assets.

Update: A spokesman for Mr. Rybolovlev sent The Observer the following statement denying any connection to this condo purchase:

“Neither Dmitry Rybolovlev, nor his daughter Ekaterina Rybolovleva, nor any companies connected to them have purchased apartment 3F at 15 Central Park West, New York City. The reports suggesting that they have are completely inaccurate. There have never been any plans or even any discussions about purchasing this apartment”. Help! Rybolovlev Buys $8.35M 15 CPW Apartment for Daughter’s Security Detail