In A First, Biz Tops Labor In Albany Lobbying

NYPIRG has come out today with a report detailing the amount of lobbying bucks swirling around Albany for the first ten months this year, and among the surprising findings is that business-backed groups led all comers by lobbying in favor of Andrew Cuomo’s first budget.

Usually it is unions who lead the lobbying push often in opposition to a governor’s budget; this time around however the Committee to Save New York spent nearly $10 million this year, its first in existence. 1199/SEIU, by contrast, spent close to $7 million, nearly double last year’s total and that too was in support of the final proposal

Meanwhile, the gay marriage debate helped open up the spigots, with those in favor of same-sex marriage spending $2.8 million on the effort and those opposed pouring in $1.1 million.

Also of note is the fact as redistricting approaches, six members of Congress have retained lobbyists. Locally, Eliot Engel has spent the most, ponying up over $30,000 for Empire Public Strategies. He may face a challenge from former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin, depending on how the lines get drawn. Joe Crowley, who would like his district to come further in Queens and out of the Bronx, spent over $20,000 for the services of Brian Meara.

Full report below:

NYPIRG Lobbying Jan-Oct 2011
  In A First, Biz Tops Labor In Albany Lobbying