Is Beyonce About to Give Birth to the Messiah of NYC?

Or has she already??

Beyonce, ready to have a baby? (Getty Images)

Beyonce Knowles, who is currently carrying the baby of Jay-Z and herself, may already currently be in labor! All hail this glorious child, whom we have already voted on as the new savior of New York!

Here’s what we know so far…

-There is a special “birthing suite” being prepared right now at St. Luke Roosevelt hospital. We don’t know how a birthing suite is different from a regular room that women come  to have babies in, but we assume that it’s made of gold.

– The New York nurses strike–which was supposed to happen this week–has been called off at St. Luke’s. Allegedly it’s because the hospitals came to agree with the nurse’s terms, but more likely than that it’s because all the nurses want to get a glimpse at the Beyonce baby.

– Some blogs are already speculating that the baby was born yesterday (since Beyonce allegedly checked into the suite Tuesday), but St. Luke’s is doing a really good job keeping this under wraps. Well, since we already know what hospital the baby is being born in, they couldn’t have done that good of a job, right?

Which all leads to the same conclusion: If you go to St. Luke’s right now and ask to be shown to Ms. Knowles’ birthing suite, you may be in time to witness the birth of New York’s Messiah! Is Beyonce About to Give Birth to the Messiah of NYC?