The Holiday Season Is a Time for Extensions at New York Galleries

Time runs low in Chelsea. (_SoFie/Flickr)

As the end of the year nears, many galleries are winding down their current shows and preparing for a modest holiday break. For those who have not recently ventured into the wilds of Chelsea (or the Lower or Upper East Sides, etc.), time is running out to catch those exhibitions.

But take heart! Over the past few weeks Gallerist‘s email box has been steadily filling with messages containing that one truly beautiful word: “extended.” Indeed, though it is hard to judge, there appear to be an uncommonly large number of shows being extended for slightly lengthened runs this year.

Some galleries may be looking to bask a bit longer in a late-arriving positive review, while others are perhaps angling for just one more sale, or some last-minute holiday shopping. The reasons are diverse, but the reward is the same: a temporary reprieve from the shame of missing an exhibition.

Below is a selection of shows that have been extended, in chronological order, with the immediate closings first. No doubt there are more that we have not excluded. Please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

  • Claire Fontaine, “Working Together,” at Metro Pictures, extended through Dec. 17
  • Mathew Cerletty, “Susan,” at Algus Greenspon, extended through Dec. 23
  • Bozidar Brazda, “Advertisement,” at Martos Gallery, extended through Dec. 23
  • “The Cows & Angels,” at Hendershot Gallery, extended through Dec. 23
  • Jane Hammond, “Fallen,” at FLAG Foundation, extended through Dec. 31
  • Andrea Bowers, “The New Woman’s Survival Guide,” at Andrew Kreps Gallery, extended through Jan. 7
  • Lisa Ross, “After Night,” at Asya Geisberg, extended through Jan. 7
  • Sean Paul, “Every Hair of the Bear,” at Front Desk Apparatus, extended through Jan. 21
  • Sam Pulitzer, “Gauges for ‘Them,'” at Real Fine Arts, extended through Feb. 5, with special viewing hours of 4-10 p.m., Thursday through Sunday
The Holiday Season Is a Time for Extensions at New York Galleries