Is This The Best Kickstarter Backer Reward Ever? (Answer: Possibly, Yes.)

You know Kickstarter: Back a project with a donation, if the project reaches its backing goal, your donation gets used, and in exchange, usually you’ll get something for being one of the first backers of the project. So what could a guy working on a “modern adaptation” of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot (entitled, naturally, Waiting For The G, as in New York City’s notoriously not very reliable G-Train) have to offer besides his brilliant mind for existential drama revivalism?

As it happens: He’s a cab driver. He’s a cab driver who has been written about in The New Yorker and who has a nice Tumblr of Things He Sees From His Cab. But most importantly, yes…

He’ll give you free cab rides anywhere in New York City.

For $100:

Co-Producer credit, All of the above. 5 FREE cab rides in NYC. Thank you note from Writer/Director’s jewish mom or grandma.

For $200:

Executive Producer credit, all of the above (digital download, dvd, script, thank you notes, signed T Shirt, signed poster), 7 FREE cab rides within NYC from writer/director. Signed digital stills from director/writer. Reserved seating at premiere and drink tickets at after party.

For $300:

Executive Producer credit, all of the above, visit to set during production, 10 free cab rides within nyc from writer/director.

For $500 and over:

All of the above and a personal shout out during the inevitable acceptance speech. 15 free cab rides.

Now, realize:

  • The American dollar is deep in the hyperinflation shit.
  • In 1996, The Boskin Commission removed food and energy from the basket of goods in the Consumer Price Index (which we use to measure inflation). Which means all of your food and gas prices are going to spike soon, really terribly so, if you’re feeling nasty and particularly paranoid.
  • Which means the value of an investment in a cab ride now is bound to go up by May along with cab fares, when you can cash in on said cab rides.
  • Furthermore: One cab ride from JFK to Manhattan? Generally $50, with a tip. If you call this guy every time you land at JFK to take you into Manhattan, the return on your investment after the principal—the inflated dollar and rising price of gas (and inevitably, cab fares) aside—is at least $250. And if you’re a real bastard, you can make him drive you from Coney Island to Yankee Stadium just for fun.
  • This guy just totally potentially Groupon’d himself.

Betabeat rates this Kickstarter project a BUY. | @weareyourfek Is This The Best Kickstarter Backer Reward Ever? (Answer: Possibly, Yes.)