Kim Kardashian Finds A Way to Sound Ungrateful Even on Christmas

Kim Kardashian hates Christmas! (Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian, back from Australia and on the West  Coast, kept up her style of tweeting things the rest of the world is dying to know this Christmas. As in:

“Stephen, did you know that despite receiving a new iPhone for Christmas, Kim Kardashian finds people with two phones ‘shady’?”

“No, Robert, I had no idea!”

“Well, me neither!”

But she does.

During her family’s annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas bash (including its own Santa, probably the real version imported from the North Pole in the hopes of making it onto the inevitable A Very Kardashian Christmas special for E!) the formerly married socialite received a second phone. Because celebrities are always losing their phones, you know?

But Kim was dubious of the Apple product, tweeting:

“Santa sent me an iPhone! I’m just gonna keep it as my 2nd phone bc I don’t know if I’m gonna like this touch screen stuff! I’m excited 2 try. I do think people with 2 phones are kinda shady & annoying LOL soooo we will see how this goes!”

Wait, Kim doesn’t know if she likes touch screens? Has she been using a Blackberry for the last six years? Has she ever even used a phone, or is she wary that her new assistant whom she hands the phone to will be using Siri to do all her work for her now?
Questions upon questions this holiday season…let’s hope the new year will bring some answers!
Kim Kardashian Finds A Way to Sound Ungrateful Even on Christmas