Kremlin Aplogizes for ‘Inappropriate Retweet’

What is the Russian for faux pas? Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s official Twitter account, the 746,939 follower count of which is a point of Presidential pride, tweeted an obscene tweet mocking jailed election protest leader Alexei Navalny yesterday. According to the BBC, it translated to: “Today it became obvious that if somebody writes the phrase ‘party of swindlers and thieves’ on a blog, he is a stupid [obscenity] sheep.”

Russian bloggers were delighted, needless to say, with the President’s Twitter tackiness in mocking his jailed opposition. The Kremlin does not take well to teasing, no matter how frivolous, and issued this statement:

During a planned change of password, a member of staff responsible for the account’s technical support carried out an unacceptable intervention into the @MedvedevRussia account. The guilty will be punished.

Which bloggers proceeded to make fun of even more! In a rough translation: “Last night during a technical change of password, the red button got pushed, nuclear warhead, wipe America off the map, the guilty will be punished.”

National security Twitter jokes from a nation with nukes and little tolerance for free speech! LOLs all around!

Kremlin Aplogizes for ‘Inappropriate Retweet’