Last Week in Betabeat: City Did Not Sweeten the Deal for Facebook

Trying something new this week. Let us know which you prefer: the top five stories of the week? Or the top 10?

Mayor Bloomberg’s Office: Facebook Did Not Receive Any Incentives to Open an Engineering Office in NYC
Facebook’s decision was so glaringly aligned with the city’s digital aspirations that it was hard not to wonder if New York had tried to sweeten the deal.

Scott Kurnit’s AdKeeper Pivots to, Where Users ‘Follow Brands’ [UPDATED]
The $100 million valuation startup will be launching at with “a unique offering that serves the AdKeeper mission in new and exciting ways.”

The Pitch: Salido, a Point of Sales Service (Plus ‘Props’)!
We sifted through hundreds of eager startups to find some of New York’s top prospects to pitch Lerer Ventures. Watch Ben Lerer and Jordan Cooper talk about them after they’ve left the room.

Electioneering at New York Tech Meetup
At New Work City Monday night, 15 candidates gave their vision of what should change about the largest meetup in New York, which last year incorporated as a nonprofit 501c(6), giving it the power to lobby government, among other things.

Passing The Torch: TechStars Moving into Foursquare’s Old OfficeThe long time home of foursquare will now be the new office for TechStars New York, helping to incubate the next generation of Silicon Alley startups.

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