Lysosomal screening bill approved in Assembly

TRENTON – The Assembly passed bill S1999/A2708, which provides for screening newborn infants for lysosomal storage disorders,

Titled “Emma’s Law,” it is named in honor of Emma Daniels.

The bill requires that all infants born in New Jersey be tested for the lysosomal storage disorders known as Krabbe, Pompe, Gaucher, Fabry, and Niemann-Pick diseases within six months.


Other bills that passed in Assembly:

AR85 – Passed 71-0. This resolution urges school districts to implement a baseline cognitive testing program for student-athletes and cheerleaders prior to the commencement of the athletic season or cheerleading season to assist in measuring the post-injury condition of a student who has sustained a concussion. 

S847/A3862 – Passed 72-0.  This bill provides that price signs posted by a retail motor fuel dealer shall include the price per gallon, or the price per gallon and per liter, for both cash and credit card purchases of motor fuel.

A3980 – Passed 70-0. This bill updates procedures for disposing of state surplus computers to ensure personal data is erased. This bill was in response to a Comptroller report that found surplus computer hard drives were not always rendered unrecoverable.

A3247 – Passed 63-5-1. This bill amends the “Health Claims Authorization, Processing and Payment Act” by requiring health insurance carriers to classify health care services that are deemed authorized by the insurance carrier as a covered benefit.  Lysosomal screening bill approved in Assembly