Mayor Bloomberg Supports Key Aspects of Cuomo's Agenda

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Getty)

Amid mounting reports of a troubled relationship between City Hall and the governor’s mansion, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he’d support Governor Andrew Cuomo on two of his main initiatives for next year–pension reform efforts and the push for casino gambling. Mayor Bloomberg commented on both subjects during a press conference after he announced that average life expectancy for New Yorkers has reached an all-time high.

When asked about the possibility of casino gambling coming to New York, Mayor Bloomberg said he recognizes that the governor faces “the problem of trying to come up with ways to provide the services people want” in a tough economic climate. Governor Cuomo has said he wants lawmakers in Albany to pass a constitutional amendment ending the state’s ban on commercial gambling. Afterwards, the governor plans to conduct a study to decide the number of casinos that would be allowed and where to put them, including potentially in the five boroughs. Mayor Bloomberg said he’d  back any decision Governor Cuomo makes–as long as New York gets a cut of the profits.

“I just want to make sure that if there is gambling, the revenues come to New York City,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “We need revenues just like everywhere else in the state.”

Mayor Bloomberg also reiterated his support for the governor’s pension reform efforts and said their offices discussed benefits this morning. Governor Cuomo has described pension reform as his top priority for 2012.

“We will do anything we can to support the governor’s efforts on pensions,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

In June, Governor Cuomo introduced legislation that would raise the retirement age from 62 to 65, double the amount new hires contribute to pensions and add raise the length of employment required for pensions to vest to 12 years instead of the current ten. Governor Cuomo’s pension reforms are designed to cut costs from the state budget.



Mayor Bloomberg Supports Key Aspects of Cuomo's Agenda