Mayor Bloomberg's Bad Day Camp Memory

Mayor Bloomberg (Getty)

During his press conference on the taxi bill yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg talked sports and trotted out an old nugget about attending camp with the daughter of Braves pitching great Warren Spahn. But there’s only one problem–the late Mr. Spahn never had a daughter.

“We were not baseball fans, I don’t ever remember going to Fenway Park,” Mayor Bloomberg said of his childhood in Massachusetts. “But eat your heart out, I went to day camp with Warren Spahn’s daughter. Now, those of you in the press will have to do a lot of work to figure out who Warren Spahn was, I will leave it for you.”

However, it seems like Mayor Bloomberg is the one who needs to brush up on his baseball history. Mr. Spahn had only one child, a boy named Greg.

Apparently, the whole mixup can be blamed on former Yankees ace Whitey Ford. Mayor Bloomberg has shared his day camp story several times over the past few years including during several sports radio interviews and in 2007 at the Harvard School of Public Health in his acceptance speech for the Julius B. Richmond Award. At Harvard, Mayor Bloomberg revealed his baseball myth began as family lore that was erroneously confirmed by Mr. Ford.

I went to day camp with Warren Spahn’s daughter. At least that’s what my mother tells me,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “And I did ask Whitey Ford one time, a few years ago when I met him, did Warren Spahn have a daughter that was my age and he said yes so I probably did.”

Mr. Ford is the winningest lefty in baseball history and has won more World Series games than any other pitcher. At least one of us here at The Politicker is an ardent Yankees fan, so we’re inclined to forgive him for the error. Mayor Bloomberg's Bad Day Camp Memory