Morning Links: Herman Cain Won, We All Lost

Pool reporters ruined Sasha and Malia Obama’s Christmas. [Yahoo]

He’s no longer in the race but Herman Cain got more national media coverage than any other Republican candidate in 2011. [Huffington Post]

Sportswriter Bill Conlin spoke to Deadspin throughout the process of being accused of molestation in the Philadelphia Inquirer. [Deadspin]

Blackbook runs advertorial content on Tumblr. [Digiday]

Media coverage of celebrity trivia, fashion, gardening, luxury goods, travel, dining, automotive and all the other soft news are “absolutely vital” and “cathartic moments in the never-ending ring cycle of bad news,” and have nothing to do with who buys advertising. [The Daily]

A former Mother Jones fact-checker explains how important the Mother Jones fact-checking department is in Mother Jones. [Mother Jones]

The US government asked scientific journals not to publish details of studies of a bird flu that could be used for acts of terrorism. [NY Times] Morning Links: Herman Cain Won, We All Lost