Morning Links: Teamsters and Mick Rock Edition

Lou Reed's Transformer album cover shot by Mick Rock.

Sotheby’s Teamsters lock-out has cost the company some $2.4 million. [Bloomberg]

Arts center planned in honor of Kazimir Malevich near Moscow. [The Art Newspaper]

New York’s Ennead Architects will design a $30.5 million museum for Stanford University’s newly acquired Anderson Collection of contemporary American art. [LA Times]

Christopher Knight is not a fan of Shepard Fairey’s Time magazine cover. “Questioning authority never looked more corporate and conventional,” he writes. [The Los Angeles Times]

The estimable John Berger writes on Cézanne: “He was a prophet, although like many prophets this was not what he set out to be.” [Guardian]

Wichita Art Museum director Charles Steiner is stepping down after 12 years at the museum. [Wichita Business Journal]

Mick Rock’s hedonistic photographs are showcased in a new exhibition. [NYT]

The Wall Street Journal wonders why painter Johan Zoffany isn’t better known. [WSJ]

Morning Links: Teamsters and Mick Rock Edition