Morning Read: 2013 Approaches; DeNiro for Menin; A New Gig for Ben Smith

Kate Taylor reports on the recruitment efforts underway to expand the 2013 mayoral field.

Albany’s new ethics oversight body is supposed to be up-and-running today but it remains unclear who will run the day-to-day operations of the new ethics watchdog, or how quickly it will be able to begin policing Albany, Jacob Gershman reports.

Hakeem Jeffries is pushing a bill to require all NYPD officers to reside in the five boroughs.

Despite bashing government outsourcing, John Liu signed off on some $9.9 million worth of contracts with outside law firms over the last three months, including one associated with Bronx Senator Jeff Klein. even as he publicly bashed outsourcing government functions to private companies.

Marc Cenedella, a web entrepreneur said to be worth close to $150 million, is exploring a run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

NYPD has instituted 40 new protocols after the Sean Bell shooting five years ago.

Opponents of a living wage bill are mounting an agressive lobbying push.

Brooklyn electeds are outraged that a vote on a possible controversial charter school in Cobble Hill was moved to Queens.

The DNC is taking aim at Newt Gingrich.

The Parks Dept. issued more alcohol summons at the High Line than any other city park.

Chuck Schumer and Mike Giarnaris want the TSA to create “passenger advocates” inside its agency after two 80-year old women were strip-searched.

Carolyn Maloney is pushing a micro-lending bill that would establish a federally-funded loan-loss reserve, which would act as insurance to lenders in case borrowers default.

Robert DeNiro is fundraising for Julie Menin.

Pat Foye is launching an investigation into abuses of Port Authority company cars.

President Obama told “60 Minutes” that the GOP was more intent on taking him down than on curing the country’s ills.

Mitch McConnell predicted that Congress would extend the payroll tax cut.

Mitt Romney is getting mocked from all sides for his offer of a $10,000 bet to Rick Perry.

The candidates are trotting out their children more and more.

The Planning Commission is rolling out a series of zoning changes that would encourage developers to make their buildings greener.

Congrats to the Godfather of this blog, Ben Smith, for his new gig at Buzzfeed.

Another gubernatorial rival for Andrew Cuomo: Dan Malloy. Morning Read: 2013 Approaches; DeNiro for Menin; A New Gig for Ben Smith