Morning Read: An Extraordinary Day In Albany

Governor Cuomo called legislators into Extraordinary Session to vote on the tax and jobs plan announced yesterday.

The tax plan will save families an average of $300-$400 a year.

Albany power broker Fred Dicker called Governor Cuomo’s political maneuvering on the tax plan a “dazzling display of political jujitsu.”

Governor Cuomo’s budget deal includes an agreement to pass a constitutional amendment legalizing non-Indian casinos. 

The contractor responsible for the fraud-filled CityTime payroll system agreed to pay New York City $232 million.

Occupy Albany protesters spent five days cleaning up their encampment in the hopes they can avoid eviction for code violations.

Sandra Lee, girlfriend of the governor, needs a new publisher for her magazine.

Caroling demonstrators protested the lighting of Governor Lincoln Chafee’s “holiday tree” in  Rhode Island.

One bathroom isn’t enough for Newt Gingrich.

President Obama’s re-election campaign is being occupied.

FAA Chief Randy Babbitt resigned after being arrested for drunk driving.

Morning Read: An Extraordinary Day In Albany