Morning Read: John Liu Powers Thru; Ed Towns' Expensive Ride; Uncage the Bull!

John Liu seems determined to power through his federal investigations, and to follow through with his plan to run for mayor.

Shelly Silver said he wasn’t sure his conference would support casinos in New York City, a key initiative of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s.

The City Council is looking to more strictly regulate cycling in the coming year, Sally Goldenberg reports.

Michael Powell yearns for a time when administration officials weren’t afraid to tell the unvarnished truth.

The  Post decries the fact that party bosses will have an outsized say in who takes Carl Kruger’s Senate seat.

Bill Hammond said that the key behind Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s political acumen is doling out “found money.”

Carolyn Maloney rents out rooms in her $1.5 million D.C. townhouse to her fellow Democratic lawmakers.

Ed Towns has one of the most expensive taxpayer-funded car leases of all members of Congress.

Pedro Espada could face more criminal charges for putting his uncle on the state’s payroll.

Zuccotti Park is long since cleared, but the Wall Street bull remains caged and off-limits.

The Georgia woman who had been accused of mailing a fake weapons and a pig’s foot to Greg Ball and Peter King was shot dead after a struggle with police there.

A Staten Island restaurant-owner is declaring war on the city’s Health Dept. after he says their harassment campaign let him to shut down his restaurant.

President Obama may allow the president of Yemen to come to New York for medical treatment.

Passengers who were stranded on an A train for hours during last year’s blizzard are suing the MTA.

A former Ron Paul staffer said he is “unsettled” by being around gays.

The city is blaming Con Edison for Mayor Bloomberg’s broken promise to bring ice skating to Van Cortlandt Park. Morning Read: John Liu Powers Thru; Ed Towns' Expensive Ride; Uncage the Bull!