Morning Read: Liu Aide Leaves; Cuomo Declares Victory; Gingrich Gets Occupied

Thomas Kaplan says that the tax overhaul deal was vintage Cuomo: “Information is tightly controlled, negotiations are carried out behind closed doors and the debate is limited to just a few people.”

Cuomo dismissed suggestions that the Occupy movement had anything to do with the bill, or that more hearings should have been held.

The deal has has virtually guaranteed that suburban senators – whether Democrats in Westchester County or Republicans on Long Island – would be able to hold their seats next year, writes Laura Nahmias.

Clyde Haberman points out the biggest loser in the deal may be transit riders.

The deal still leaves New York among the highest taxed states in the nation.

Kevin Davis, a former executive with MF Global who John Liu hired to help oversee the pension fund, stepped down amidst criticism.

And chief aide Chung Seto owes the federal government $150,000 in back taxes.

Ray Kelly issued an order forbidding NYPD officers to arrest people for marijuana found in their clothes, but despite a 13% dip in marijuana arrests there remain allegations that police officers are still making improper arrests by illegally searching and mischarging people.

Ray Kelly said that the NYPD officers who posted offensive comments about the West Indian Day Parade on Facebook will be disciplined.

The campaign to ban carriage horses in Central Park is gaining steam.

Joe Lhota’s first challenge will be dealing with the threat of a possible TWU strike.

What’s next for Occupy Wall Street?

Maybe crash a Gingrich fundraiser?

Andrew Cuomo pushed back on the Bloomberg administration’s claim that a taxi bill deal was near.

Math and reading scores remain flat in the city. Morning Read: Liu Aide Leaves; Cuomo Declares Victory; Gingrich Gets Occupied