Move Over, McFalafel! McDonald’s Introduces ‘Big New York’ Burger to Israel

The Big New York Burger

In an effort to compete with more “boutique” burger joints sprouting up in the Middle East, McDonald’s has unveiled a “Big America” series of hamburger to replace their current Israeli best-seller, the McFalafel.

While McD’s has infamously tweaked its menu in regards to its locale (We remember when the McRib came back, but only to New York at first), there’s something patently bizarre about trying to shill a “Big Texas Burger” or a “Big New York Burger’ in the middle of Jerusalem. After all, isn’t McDonald’s already the symbol of the Western World’s fast food takeover in the Middle East? Why shove it down everyone’s throat just how American these burgers really are?

And speaking of which: what constitutes a “New York” burger anyway? Is it just ketchup, mustard, and a healthy dose of cynicism? We can imagine a Big Texas involving some sort of mesquite sauce (hold the bacon) or jalapeno topping, but what do New York burgers have to recommend themselves as a stand-out item?

According to, the answer lies not in the sauce but the beef itself, which is a “premium burger made from entrecote and prime rib.” (Entrecote, by the way, is just another fancy word for “rib-eye.”)

But what will really gouge is not the gall of this New York burger, but the price: a regular meal with fries and a beverage will go for roughly $14.95, American. Considering you can get a Quarter Pounder Supersized for that amount, we suggest staying in the big apple instead of traveling all the way to Israel to get your New York-themed McDonald’s patty. Move Over, McFalafel! McDonald’s Introduces ‘Big New York’ Burger to Israel