Mr. Kruger’s Shame

All right, nobody said New York is perfect. State Senator Carl Kruger’s guilty plea on corruption charges this week reminded us that Albany remains a place where shakedowns and scams are all too common. According to prosecutors, Mr. Kruger, who served in the Legislature for 16 years, sold his services for $1 million in bribes. That certainly explains how and why Mr. Kruger managed to own a Bentley on a legislator’s salary.

Even as Mr. Kruger admitted his guilt, another colleague, State Assemblyman William Boyland, is fighting off charges for a second time. Acquitted recently in a corruption scheme that also ensnared Mr. Kruger, Mr. Boyland has been indicted again, this time for soliciting bribes while he was standing trial on the earlier indictment.

Calling Governor Cuomo: Now that you have tax reform, can we talk about ethics reform in 2012? Mr. Kruger’s Shame