New York Has Its Own Kardashian, And She's Selling $1k Fur Coats

Janetta Kardashian (Photo via Facebook)

The first thing you notice about Janetta Kardashian is that her name does not begin with the letter K. And the fact that she calls New York home–not in the way Kim Kardashian called the Gansevoort her home for a short while–but actually her home-home, where she owns a thrift shop in Midtown called NY Vintage Club.

What kind of Kardashian is she?

The answer is that she’s not…or not at least part of the West-Coast reality TV family. Yet the second-hand mink dresses and evening gown purveyor tells DNAInfo, “All Kardashians are related.” And she’s not being metaphorical. Ms. Kardashian (of the Russian-Armenian Kardashians, who migrated here as a young woman and “saw the lights,” “never went back”) has family from the same region of Southern Armenia that the reality show family descends from. She had even met Robert Kardashian at the Mandarin Hotel during the days of Princess Diana’s death, after a mix-up with the names had the famous lawyer calling her room.

“They keep telling me my wife is here, and  I know she’s not,” Ms. Kardashian recalls for The New York Observer. “We ended up meeting for lunch, and he told me that I remind him of his daughters.”

Ms. Kardashian also told us that sharing a name with the famous family does have its benefits: “I’m always upgraded on planes, and when I give my name for restaurant reservations, I’m always given a great table in the back.” She’s even had television studios call her for interviews, thinking she was related to Kim.

But Ms. Kardashian is famous in her own (New York) right: she caters to the high-end celebrities that Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney rub arms with on a daily basis. (She also bears an uncanny resemblance to an older Kourtney.) She’s sold clothes to Yoko and the Olsen twins and owns a jacket that was once worn by Cher.

“I wanted one-of-a-kind pieces. I wanted not to follow fashion. I wanted to create style,” she told Mary Johnson.

When we asked her what she though of  DASH, she told us “You know, I’ve never been there. But I keep trying to make it downtown.”


New York Has Its Own Kardashian, And She's Selling $1k Fur Coats