'New York Times' Readers? Huge Dothraki Nerds

Dothrakis do it to gibberish

Yesterday, The New York Times‘ put out it’s best multimedia essay yet titled, ‘Athhilezar? Watch Your Fantasy World Language.‘ The whole article was about Dothraki, the fictional language in the HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones, and the linguist David J. Peterson, who helped create it. There is even a section where you can learn how to say hipster phrases in Dothraki, like “Is this locally grown?” (‘Hash jini nem avvitisher qisi?’) and “Can you take me to Brooklyn?” (‘Hash yer laz addothrae anna Vroklinoon?’)

The article briefly touched on other made-up languages in pop culture, like Na’vi (from Avatar) and Klingon. And then boy, did the nerds come out of the woodwork to run the gauntlet in the comment section!

Obviously, there can be no discussion in New York City about made-up languages without Neil Blonstein from the Universal Esperanto Association, who has been petitioning the U.N. for years now and was one of the first people we met down at Occupy Wall Street.

Then there were the clever little GoT in-jokes that no one else on the board got:

And finally there was, as there must always be, a guy claiming that James Cameron stole his made-up language from a play he wrote in 1975:

If there was ever a time to start trolling a New York Times‘ message board, now would be the moment.

'New York Times' Readers? Huge Dothraki Nerds