Newt’s robo-call

Newt Gingrich is dipping into the New Jersey checkbook this weekend with a robo-call hyping his presidential aspirations and a request for $100.

The call begins with Newt talking up his own bid, while slamming President Obama for dragging the country in the direction of a failed “European, Socialist” nation.  Newt goes on to quote his polls, and tout his resume as the only candidate who has experience in solving the nation’s problems.

When he’s finished, a very polite assistant comes on to ask for money.  New Jersey, with a June primary, will more likely than not have little say on the Republican nominee for President. But the state, with its proximity to Wall Street, has long been known as a nearly bottomless source of campaign cash.

The call list is not limited to Republicans as at least one unaffiliated voter received the call. Newt’s robo-call