Press Release of the Week: Soloway’s “Best of 2012”

Robert Bordo's "Rear-view." (Soloway)

Williamsburg gallery Soloway is once again starting a new year with a “Best of” show: from Jan. 8 through Feb. 5, the space will host “The Best of 2012.” This is not a typo. The press release reads:

“We, the Management of Soloway, invite you to join us for The Best Of 2012. For this exhibition, we have assembled the finest combination of established experts and promising adepts in the fields of art-creation and meaning-production. The purpose: To document this rare agglomeration of THE BEST and to celebrate this happy occasion with our community. Armed with this experience, we may then proceed together into the future, confident that THE BEST has already occurred.”

That is certainly a comforting feeling. Who are among the best artists of 2012, you ask? The list:

Robert Bordo
James Brittingham
Jude Broughan
Pilar Conde
Rochelle Feinstein
Jaya Howey
Chris Martin
Amy Sillman
Jessie Stead
Steel Stillman

A tony group indeed. Oh, and the release begins with this quotation from management guru Peter Drucker: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”¬†An easy pick for Gallerist‘s inaugural “Press Release of the Week.”

Press Release of the Week: Soloway’s “Best of 2012”