Pro-Growth Group Calls for Caution on Tax Deal

After the deal comes the flood.

In what is sure to be the first of many such statements weighing in on the deal reached between Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers to overhaul the state’s tax system, the pro-business group New Yorkers For Growth called for the Assembly and the Senate to hold public hearings before approving any tax increases.

“Tax policy shouldn’t be adopted in secret after two hastily released ‘essays’ by the governor’s office,” said Liz Feld, a spokesperson for the group and the former mayor of Larchmont. “Tax policy changes should never be made in this fashion.  The public is owed a full airing of the governor’s plan.”

NYFG said that the state already has the highest taxes in America, and pointed out that Gov. Cuomo was elected after pledging to not raise taxes

They do not point out that taxes in this case are only going up for those making over $2 million a year, and that their tax rate is still lower than it would have been if the millionaires tax had remained in place.

Added Feld:

It is clear that many things at the state level could be reformed to lower costs for taxpayers. Among these are pension reform and the reform of various tax expenditures like the $500 million dollar film industry tax credit.  What’s more, the silence coming from Albany on the need to repeal and reform mandated costs on localities and school districts is deafening. We need repeal of union give-aways like the Triborough Amendment which rigs union contracts and benefits, repeal of the Wicks Law which raises public construction costs, reform of binding arbitration rules affecting police and fire contracts, and movement toward defined contribution pension plans for public employees.






Pro-Growth Group Calls for Caution on Tax Deal