Resumes? Nah. All You Need To Work at This Hot New Startup Is a Tumblr

About to go viral

As Liz Gannes noticed yesterday, Chris Hughes has got himself a new project. The former Facebooker turned political wunderkind stumbled with his last project Jumo, a social network for do-gooders that was acquired by GOOD. Now he’s working on something code named Cloud Tiger Media, which plans to create a viral engine for spreading progressive ideas. 

The site describes the project thusly: “Veterans of The Onion, MoveOn, and Facebook are joining together to launch a viral media startup that will spread important, compelling ideas to hundreds of millions of people online and make being a progressive fun again. Our first round of funding is complete –- now we need a few fantastic partners to help hit the ground running.”

Hughes was instrumental in the online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. He’s working on this new project with Eli Paiser, the former executive director of

They are hiring for four positions, three of which are technical, but for all you aspiring Jonah Perreti’s out there, there is a gig as viral editor that might be your big break.

Here’s our favorite part, the qualifications. “Send a cover letter, a resume, and the link to your Tumblr or personal blog to If you don’t have either, create a Tumblr and post 10-20 interesting things to it so we get a sense of your taste.”

Any job where you can throw together a Tumblr as your entire resume sounds like the kind of bleeding edge project we want to be involved in. From Mr. Hughes post about the new company, there seem to be two other important qualifications: you must love Facebook and hate Fox News. Resumes? Nah. All You Need To Work at This Hot New Startup Is a Tumblr