Ron Paul Calls His Opponents 'Little Shih-Tzus' [Video]

Ron Paul (Getty)

Now that Herman Cain gave up the ghost after a string of sex scandals and suspended his campaign, Ron Paul is moving into the number two spot in Iowa polls. Mr. Paul celebrated his status with a boastful interview and a new ad comparing his opponents to whimpering little toy dogs.

Before his untimely demise, Mr. Cain briefly spent time polling in first place–the latest in a string of temporary frontrunners that also included Texas Governor Rick Perry and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. In an interview on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, Mr. Paul discussed the new poll numbers that have him in second place in Iowa behind Newt Gingrich.

“We’ve had the flavors of the month up and down so far in this campaign. I’d like to think of myself as the flavor of the decade,” Mr. Paul said.

On Sunday, Mr. Paul released a new ad that will appear on TV in Iowa and New Hampshire casting himself as the “big dog” when it comes to the budget. Mr. Paul’s ad features a narrator backed by a heavy metal soundtrack touting the candidates willingness to make sweeping budget cuts.

“What’s up with these sorry politicians. Lots of bark, but when it’s showtime whimpering like little shih-tzus,” the narrator says. “You want big cuts? Ron Paul’s been screaming it for years. Budget crisis? No problem.”

The Iowa caucus, which is the first primary contest of the presidential election, is set for January 3. Watch Mr. Paul’s new ad below.

Ron Paul Calls His Opponents 'Little Shih-Tzus' [Video]