Rumors & Acquisitions: Reactions to Stanford Dropping Out of the Race

Stanford totally dissed New York City today by dropping its bid to build a tech campus on Roosevelt Island. What happened to all the lovey-dovey intercoastal necking that was so irritating to local contenders for the project? The city repeatedly highlighted the bid from the prestigious Stanford in speeches and press releases. But did Bloomie then say Stanford was “desperate” to build a campus in New York, during a talk at MIT? The negotiations fell apart suddenly; Stanford’s delegation was in New York and reportedly negotiating as late as yesterday. An announcement by Stanford took its competitors by surprise. Even the city did not have a statement ready, suggesting perhaps even they didn’t know. All signs point to: the city dropped the ball.

Fred Wilson was pleased; but what did the Twittersphere think? Turns out, most were sad to see Stanford go.
Omid Ashtari, former sales and biz dev at Google, currently biz dev for @foursquare in Europe:

Eric Hippeau, co-founder and former CEO of The Huffington Post:

Andrew Hill, product manager at LinkedIn in San Francisco.

Shai Goldman, Silicon Valley Bank.

Nihal Mehta, angel investor and CEO of LocalResponse:

Harry Heymann, lead engineer at Foursquare.

Momentum, mysterious Twitter account

Julia Claire, LiveIntent

Over on Hacker News, one user wrote: “Surprising indeed. It seems strange that they would take the proposal this far before withdrawing for financial reasons, or fear of losing. Surely there is a more interesting bone of contention here that didn’t become evident until late in the process.”

To which another replied: “Maybe the data from the online courses came in during the meantime and Stanford realised that they could grow the university exponentially without opening new campuses?Rumors & Acquisitions: Reactions to Stanford Dropping Out of the Race